Disturbing Truth About UGG Boots

The sheep that UGG uses to make its famous boots are tortured and skinned alive.

The company that sells UGG boots makes more than $1 billion in profit every year – but to avoid spending money, its farmers are mutilating sheep and even skinning them while they’re still alive.

The most common sheep raised in Australia is the merino, which is bred to produce more wool than other sheep. These gentle animals are so neglected that flies lay eggs in the folds of their skin, and the hatched maggots eat the sheep alive. But instead of solving the problem humanely using fly traps and shearing, farmers restrain sheep and use gardening shears to carve out chunks of their flesh – without giving the sheep any pain relief.

These farmers choose to mutilate millions of sheep because it’s cheaper than caring for the animals humanely.

After they’re used for their wool, the sheep are shipped to the Middle East for slaughter. They’re stored on the ships for weeks, enduring filthy, hot, cramped conditions. During this time the sheep are in a constant state of panic. Tens of thousands die on this journey every year from injuries, inability to reach food, or illness from living in their own waste.

By committing to making humanely-produced boots, UGG would force sheep farmers to treat their animals with the care they deserve. UGG customers are paying for boots, not animal abuse. If enough people sign my petition, the company will be forced to listen and give these sheep better lives.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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