Dogs’ blood splashes onto the filthy floor

Meyli is terrified. The floor beneath her paws is slick with the blood of dozens of dogs killed before her, their bodies hanging on hooks or soaking in vats of water. Surrounded by gore and discarded body parts, dogs can only watch, trembling in terror, as others are killed right in front of them. It’s a grisly scene that’s all too familiar in a world still reeling from investigative footage showing “wet markets” – where sick and frightened animals are right now slated to be killed.A worker will soon drag Meyli away from the holding cell and bash her over the head with a wooden club. Like many others, she may not die instantly – and may writhe and struggle to breathe even after her throat is slit, before her skin is peeled off.Meyli is no different from the loyal, loving dogs who share many of our homes – but rather than receiving affection, she’ll be violently killed and her skin will be turned into a belt or pair of gloves. Your gift to the “Save Our Skins” challenge will help prevent animals like her from enduring torment and pain. We must reach our goal by 31 July, so please don’t wait!
What animals like Meyli experience seems like something from a horror movie. An employee at one facility told a PETA Asia field observer that just that single operation alone killed and skinned as many as 200 dogs each day.

This cruelty isn’t isolated to the leather trade: dogs and cats sold at animal markets alongside monkeys, civet cats, bats, chickens, and many other individuals are also killed for their flesh or fur, and PETA’s exposés have documented that some animals’ hearts may still beat even after their skin is torn off.

No one should suffer for a pair of shoes, a wallet, or a bit of fur trim. Your donation right now will support our campaigns to stop cruelty and violence in the skins industry.

PETA’s exposé of the Chinese dog-leather industry is still reverberating around the world – inspiring consumers everywhere to swear off leather and boosting our campaigns urging retailers, designers, and fashion events to ditch leather made of any animal’s skin in favour of kinder and more environmentally friendly materials. Please help us build on our successes by supporting PETA’s “Save Our Skins” challenge today.

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