Dogs could freeze this winter

Every dog deserves a safe home, a warm bed to curl up on, and a caring family who loves them.

Every dog deserves this – but not all dogs are this fortunate. This winter, cold, neglected dogs in Romania will shiver as they struggle to survive rain, wind, and snow with little – if anything – to protect them from the elements. Some may not make it through the bone-chilling nights.

Will you offer hope to a dog or other animal in need today?

Your gift to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund right now will help fieldworkers deliver sturdy doghouses and provide animals in urgent need with vital care.

The homeless-animal crisis in Romania is the worst in Europe – and lots of dogs who do have owners will still be forced to live outdoors this winter, enduring temperatures so cold that they may prove deadly. These sensitive animals may be treated like living alarm systems, tightly chained, surrounded by rubbish, sinking into a thick layer of mud and waste, and left to go without adequate food, water, or anything that could pass as shelter.

But PETA Germany and its Romanian partner Eduxanima are working hard to change that – and dramatically improving the lives of thousands of dogs and other animals in the process. In addition to supplying sturdy doghouses that offer some protection from winter’s worst, determined fieldworkers replace heavy chains with lightweight tie-outs, deliver food to hungry animals, respond around the clock to emergency cases involving sick or severely injured individuals, and show dogs and cats the affection and care many have never experienced. They also provide owners with critical information on caring properly for companion animals – and in some cases, they’re able to persuade them to bring animals indoors to have safer, more comfortable lives.

I hope you’ll take a moment today to strengthen such vital work. Donate to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund to power the life-changing efforts of PETA’s affiliates and the local groups they partner with. Your generosity could mean the difference between life and death for a dog this winter.

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