Dogs end up sick, inbred, or euthanized

Puppy Mills Have Blood on Their Hands. Utah Is Considering Letting More of Them Come To the State.

Puppy mills make money off of the deaths of dogs — the entire industry is built on pumping more and more animals out into an already flooded market, many of which end up either in shelters, sick from inbreeding or improper veterinary care, or euthanized. Meanwhile, mama dogs are trapped for life on these cruelty farms, impregnated over and over again until their bodies are entirely used up. It is no secret that the conditions these dogs come from are brutal and cause mass suffering, which is why so many animal rights activists have worked to shut down as many mills as possible. So why is Utah considering legislation that would make it easier for puppy mills to operate in the state?

A new bill proposed in Utah would limit cities’ ability to adopt local ordinances which prohibit the operation of certain animal businesses. Since Utah has no state-wide laws against puppy mills, this would mean the exploitative and abusive industry could operate freely once local laws are rendered powerless. This is problematic because the best chance to fight these industries is resistance on a local level until the state chooses to enact protections for these animals. Sign now to demand the Utah House of Representatives NOT pass this dangerous law, which opens up their state to abusive puppy mills!

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