Don’t forget, animals like Anna need you

During her short life Anna will likely have her tail cut back, her ears notched, and her teeth cut – all without pain relief. Anna will see her mother locked in a farrowing crate so small, she can barely move, let alone turn to nuzzle her young, and forced to lie on a hard surface, leaving her with painful sores. Finally, Anna’s exhausted mother will be taken away to be culled after only three litters. Her natural lifespan could have been 20 years. And this will be Anna’s life too, as the horrific cycle repeats itself
You help make change happenTogether, we’ve already achieved landmark victories for animals.
■We won a ban on cruel sow stalls for pregnant pigs in the UK and a partial ban in the European Union.■We inspired 170 NGOs to work with Compassion in World Farming, calling for support for the European Citizens’ Initiative. The result was almost 1.4 million signatures demanding an end to caged farming.■Because of you, and others like you backing our campaign, the European Commission recently announced it will propose legislation to phase out caged farming throughout 27 countries within the EU. This could give over 300 million animals cage free lives.■Thanks to you, we are pushing major food companies to ditch factory farming in their supply chains. So far, over 2.23 billion animals a year are set to benefit.
A donation from you could help: 
 ■£10 – Show the world that ending factory farming is vital if we’re to have a cruelty-free and sustainable food supply.■£30 – Push the UK Government and Europe to ban cruel cages.■£50 – Persuade big businesses to improve their animal welfare policies and transform millions of animals’ lives.■£100 – Encourage major food companies to spread the ‘eat less, eat better’ message to help reduce the demand for meat, dairy and eggs.
Please help end factory farming by making a donation today. Together we can create a brighter future for farm animals like Anna.

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