Don’t let arctic foxes’ cousins go extinct

Protect The Arctic Fox and Other Canid Populations!

The arctic fox is a beloved species, iconic for its crisp-white fur and impossibly cute face. And while this fox in particular is not endangered, five other closely related species in the canidae family are. 

Protecting these species is essential for entire ecosystems around the world – and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) should commit to continuing its conservation efforts!

Canids play a vital role in the ecosystems they’re a part of. That’s why scientists have been working so hard to reintroduce species to the wild, to help maintain balance and healthy biodiversity.

But like so many other mammals around the world, these animals are experiencing the stressors of a world rocked by climate change and other environmental crises.

The vital progress that dedicated conservationists have made could quickly reverse if conservation organizations do not continue to prioritize Canid protection in the future.

Sign now to tell the IUCN to continue its efforts to protect the arctic fox and its Canid relatives from extinction!

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