Don’t let authorities euthanize this 85-year-old man’s gentle dog!

This is so unnecessary. Somebody needs to have a word with the lady and help her see sense as this is not a vicious dog and nobody will benefit at all from it being PTS.

Authorities Might Kill a Man’s Beloved Pet Dog As Punishment for One Mistake

Kim is a sweet little 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. She lives with her beloved human, Mr. Rogers, in Ireland, where they enjoy a peaceful life together. Rogers is 85 years old and describes Kim as his “best friend.” Every night, she sleeps at the foot of his bed, and during the day, they treasure going on walks together. For five years, Kim never showed any aggression towards anyone, and was perfectly amiable. Then on one unfortunate day, while out on a walk, she nipped at a woman’s leg. Now that woman is demanding Kim be killed — and she doesn’t care that she’d be breaking an elderly gentleman’s heart in the process.

Surely no little being should be killed over just one mistake. Mr. Rogers has approached the woman on four different occasions, seeking to find other solutions. He’s offered, for example, to hire construction workers to build better fencing around his property, muzzle his pup, and even hire a dog behavior specialist to work with Kim. But the woman has been unwilling to compromise, insisting his little dog must be taken from him and put down. The extreme stress of advocating for his best friend’s life has put tremendous strain on Mr. Rogers’s health, which was already precarious due to his heart condition.

Luckily, Mr. Rogers and Kim have supporters who are fighting to protect them. The comedian and actor Ricky Gervais recently tweeted about their ordeal, trying to raise awareness. And a GoFundMe campaign is working to raise money to help Mr. Rogers install a new fence and security system. That way he can prove to Irish courts that he is doing everything in his power to prevent future incidents. We must join our voices together with theirs! Irish officials must intervene in order to help Mr. Rogers and save his dog. Sign the petition to demand they take immediate action to save Kim the Terrier from death!

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