Don’t let dogs die for fake UGG boots!

When holiday shopping this year, thousands of people didn’t know that the fake “UGGs” on their list caused enormous suffering. Investigation into the cheap, counterfeit UGG boots available on the internet revealed that the linings are likely coming from the Chinese raccoon dog fur industry. These relatives of our beloved dog companions are skinned alive and thrown in a heap so that people can buy cheap boots.

We have to stop this excessive cruelty – Sign the Care2 petition today demanding that no more dogs are killed to make UGG-style boots.

There is no ban on selling dog fur in China and manufacturers don’t have to include a label with materials used. Because most of these fake and imitation UGGs are sold on the internet, thousands of unsuspecting customers are buying boots made from dogs who were skinned alive.

Not only are raccoon dogs being horrifically mistreated on Chinese fur farms, but dogs are reportedly being shipped from Thailand to be slaughtered as well. It’s up to us to protect these innocent animals. Take action today and we can pressure China and Thailand to crack down on inhumane animal treatment and require labeling!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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