Don’t let Swedish hunters murder hundreds of lynx

Sweden Is Planning to Let Trophy Hunters Massacre Hundreds of Vulnerable Lynx This Spring

Lynx populations are on the decline all throughout Europe. Experts warn they will likely become “locally extinct” within the next three decades if governments do not implement immediate conservation measures.

But instead of protecting this increasingly threatened species, the Swedish government has given hunters license to butcher hundreds of these animals this spring.

Sign the petition to demand the Swedish government shut down this cruel hunt and protect the lynx!

This comes just weeks after Sweden held the largest killing of wolves in its country in modern memory. Why is Sweden giving out these hunting licenses? Apparently, for fun.

According to Svenska Jägareförbundet of the Swedish hunters’ association:  “The hunt is absolutely not linked to any danger to humans. The lynx hunt is more about the excitement, and for some hunters, of course, the skin is the motivation.

That means this hunt is also in violation of European Union regulations.

The Swedish government must revoke these hunting licenses now, and instead pass measures to increase protections for the lynx! Sign the petition before it’s too late!

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