Dozens of animals were wasting away in this home, seven already dead and decaying

Nearly 80 Raccoons, Dogs, Pigs, Ducks, and Chickens Were Rescued From Horrific Neglect.

Demand Justice!

When police officers arrived at the West Virginia home, animals were so hungry and thirsty that they were waiting desperately at the door. Yet even after the complaints that brought them there, the officers had no idea just how atrocious and deplorable this case of animal cruelty really was. In fact, the situation was so dire that one local officer claimed that after 35 years of being on the police force, it was the worst case of animal abuse he had ever seen.

A woman had been hoarding and neglecting close to 80 animals — raccoons, pigs, dogs, chickens, and ducks were starving to death. In fact, there were seven dead and decaying animals among the living.

She is being charged, but there is strong evidence to suggest that people who commit animal abuse are likely to be repeat offenders. Unless the right precautions are included in the sentencing of this case, there is a risk that the cycle will continue and more animals will suffer. That’s why we’re asking that this person by banned from owning animals forever. Sign the petition to demand a ban on possessing animals for this abuser!

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