Dragged behind a car, brutally injured

Pepe was dragged behind a car as a sick form of punishment. He is brutally injured. Every hour we can give him intensive medical care counts.

Pepe is a street dog who ran after a group of children throwing stones at him. He was captured, cruelly tied to the back of a car and mercilessly dragged along a road, causing horrific wounds. He was found bleeding and in what could only be the most agonizing pain; his cries were blood-curdling.

Pepe is now in intensive care, extremely weak. Our team is doing everything we can to pull him through, but he requires expensive round-the-clock medical care. Every hour counts in our fight to save Pepe.

How could we not fight for this poor innocent dog? We owe it to Pepe and all the other street dogs who so badly need help, to do everything we can to save their lives.

Our partner, the Al Rabee shelter in Aqaba, Jordan, is home to 450 rescued and abused dogs. Al Rabee is the only shelter trying to help dogs like Pepe and, apart from Network for Animals’ supporters, it gets little or no help at all.

Unfortunately, the brutal murder of street dogs continues as authorities’ promises to change are broken again and again. Jordan has ignored our pleas to stop the horrendous treatment of animals as more shocking cases emerge from this warzone for dogs.

We can only imagine the outrage you feel as you read this. Please help save Pepe and the other poor street dogs who suffer this kind of cruelty in Jordan.

Humans, even those of us who love dogs, can only imagine how an animal must feel as they are tortured and killed. Please be as generous as you can today – because hours, the minutes, really do count for Pepe – he’s fighting for his life. Your donation will go towards Pepe’s medical care and help other precious dogs.

Uou are a dear friend of the animals and have been invaluable to Network for Animals – enabling us time and again to come to the aid of those who have no voice. We could not possibly do our work without you – and it is only thanks to your generosity that we can take immediate lifesaving action in countries such as Jordan, where street dogs are terribly abused.

Please donate right now if you possibly can.

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