Drowned, decomposing dog was found suspended by ropes in this lake

Shuswap Lake is a beautiful body of water located to the northeast of Vancouver. Its beautiful blue water, gorgeous mountain backdrop, and recreational shores make it a dreamy place for many Canadians looking to get out into nature. But for one woman who went there to fish, it quickly became a nightmare when she found a dog’s floating, decomposing body below the surface.

The dog’s body was found with two lines attached to it — one on its collar and the other around one of its hind legs, each attached to a heavy anchor and a tree near the shoreline respectively. This poor dog was held suspended by the two, unable to swim nor rest. Crueler still is that officials suspect — and are waiting for a vet’s examination to confirm — that this defenseless dog was alive when it was tied out in the water. One sergeant of 21 years called the entire thing “disturbing,” “disgusting,” and like nothing he had ever seen.

Help us get the word out so that anyone who might know who this sweet dog was may come forward, and encourage the RCMP to do everything in their power to find who did this. Sign the petition today!

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