Eagles are being poisoned by lead bullets left behind after hunters’ killing sprees

Hunting! Why? I mean what is the point.

Canadian Hunting Practices Are Poisoning Untargeted Wildlife Like Eagles! Demand Change!

Apparently, every season, a number of Canadian hunters think it’s okay to leave the bodies of animals they’ve slaughtered with lead bullets behind, showing that they care more about killing than sustainability or respecting nature. Luckily, scavengers like eagles are quick to clean up after them, as it is their natural role in any ecosystem. But if the dead animal was shot with lead ammunition, that lead lingers. Lead poisoning can make it difficult for raptors to digest food, meaning that many of these birds are actually starving to death.

The problem is so clearly linked to lead that these types of symptoms in raptors usually spike between November and February — right after hunting season. Every year, animal welfare advocates in Canada come across the same tragic sight — beautiful, iconic eagles so emaciated and weak that they are unable to fly or hunt, and rarely able to recover. This lead waste not only leads to these inadvertent, tragic animal deaths; it poses a risk to soil and water health, which affects entire ecosystems and surrounding communities of people.

Sign the petition now to tell the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations’ Fish and Wildlife Branch to protect wildlife! The agency must make it illegal to hunt with lead ammunition, and ban anyone who uses lead ammo from ever obtaining a hunting license again!

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