End Australia’s Feral Cat Cull!

Every year, the Australian government kills thousands of feral cats in the name of protecting native wildlife. This year, they’ve announced plans to expand the cull even further — destroying over 2 million cats by 2020.

It’s true that feral cats are a threat to Australia’s endangered species. But slaughtering millions of animals is not the answer. Not only is the programme cruel, but years of culling have proven the method ineffective at reducing the cat population. Pet cats, dogs, and even the same endangered species Australia is hoping to save can also end up as collateral damage during the culls.

The PAW Project has started a petition demanding that Prime Minister Tony Abbott shift the “catch and kill” programme’s $1 million in annual taxpayer funding to create a humane trap, neuter, and return programme instead. Please sign and demand the end of the feral cat slaughter now.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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