Endangered ducks are being slaughtered by indiscriminate hunters

Injured Ducks Can Suffer for Weeks After Being Shot in This Australian State’s Hunting Season

Although duck hunting is banned across much of Australia, it still continues in the state of Victoria. Hunters killed multiple members of protected, threatened species on only the first day of this year’s hunting season, and onsite vets cared for even more wounded ducks that were left behind. 

Despite the many calls to end duck hunting in the state from elected officials and citizens alike, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews isn’t doing anything about it. Sign the petition to urge Premier Daniel Andrews to ban duck hunting in Victoria!

“Shooters were wounding birds and not even bothering to retrieve them, which is illegal,” said a witness at the first day of hunting season. “The ones we couldn’t find could suffer for days, even weeks, before dying of infection or drowning.” We can’t allow this unnecessary suffering to continue, sign the petition!

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