EWN Article 17/06: A Big Achievement

This is my article published in the Euro Weekly News today. It talks about what Almerimar Strays and PAWs cats have achieved by working together so far.

Exactly 2 weeks ago on June 3rd, the last of the long-term residents left the PAWs cattery in Mojacar, and set off on the road to a new life in Germany. Pru pictured is the 8th cat from Mojacar that our team-work has managed to help in just 2 months, and I hope we can work together to re-home many more in the future. 3 of the cats already have permanent homes, 4 are in loving foster homes in Germany, and the feedback on all has been great. The 8th cat is a beautiful siamese mix called Julio, and he is now in a foster home in Almerimar, waiting to travel to his adoptant in Germany in July.

The girls in Mojacar, my foster helpers here in Almerimar and the great girls in Germany, who find homes for our cats, are all part of this team. We are a few dedicated people but individually, and now together, we have achieved so much already, and we could achieve even more with more helpers and particularly foster homes. Already Euro Weekly News is becoming part of the team, as these regular articles are raising awareness of our work and helping to put people in touch. Every week now I am contacted by somebody, either needing help, or thankfully now offering to help.

I started working with the strays in Almerimar by putting in place a sterilisation program for the street cats, that were being fed here. I then moved onto re-homing when I made contact with the charity in Germany, that works to help stray cats from several European countries. In the beginning this was via a local rescue home, before I started to find individual foster homes. Even then the plan was not for the cats to spend months in the foster home but to get them quickly on their way to foster and permanent homes in Germany. Largely I am pleased to have been able to achieve this, and therefore very pleased to have been able to recently help the Mojacar cats.

At times of course there are frustrations, and talking to the Mojacar girls last Tuesday at their now regular book sale at the Beachcomber Bar (2nd Tuesday of each month), I know there are many cats and kittens still needing help, and there always will be. It is a never ending task but one that I know we all get huge satisfaction from. One of the German adoptants once emailed me her thoughts which I thought were spot on. Whenever the number of strays seems overwhelming, and I feel that I am never going to make a real difference, I must always remember, that for every cat I have helped to rescue, I have made a HUGE difference. That is true of everyone involved in this process, and Rusty, Rufus, Robin, Kalem, Martha, Sammy, Pru and Julio (our Mojacar 8) would like to thank them all!

AND in case anyone out there is wondering what is happening at the Almerimar end, on the last transport to Germany I sent 2 beautiful siamese mix sisters, 2 weeks ago we took in a baby kitten rescued by Karin at the dog protectora, AND I have one young female and a total of 6 kittens currently looking for foster homes, so I would love to hear from you!

Very Lovable Prue

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