Exhausted donkeys in forgotten community need your help NOW!

Bela Bela in South Africa is a place of horror for donkeys. It’s a place where a monster hacked off a donkey’s hind legs and left the poor creature to drag itself to a lingering death. And it’s a place where donkeys are literally worked to death because it is cheaper to breed a new donkey than to care for a sick or older one. 
Donkeys are seen only as tools to be thrown away and replaced when broken. When they get sick or old, they are often abandoned, or their throats are slit with a machete.
We are doing everything we can to improve the lives of donkeys in Bela Bela. We have set up an emergency feeding station where we are teaching people about donkey care, providing pain-free harnesses for donkeys and teaching owners how to make these harnesses themselves.
We desperately need your help to do even more.

On a recent visit to Bela Bela, we met a beautiful donkey we named Tallulah. She had deep weeping chafe wounds and lacerations in her mouth from a pulling bit. She was exhausted and weak from hunger. Our team rescued her and moved her to a safe haven we help financially. Tallulah can now live the peaceful and happy life she deserves.

Then, there was Richie. This poor donkey could hardly walk – he was in such excruciating pain. At first, we suspected his front leg was broken. On closer inspection, we found he had a life-threatening infection.

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