Extreme weather is killing farmed animals

2,000 Cows Cooked to Death During Extreme Heat Waves in Kansas. Help Save Farmed Animals!

Temperatures recently soared to over 104 degrees Fahrenheit in Kansas. And that meant death for thousands of cattle at farms and ranches there. After the heat wave began, witnesses observed rows and rows of rotting, scorched carcasses lying in the fields. For the “lucky” cows that survived, the animal agriculture corporations will slaughter them anyway, but this time for a profit. Clearly summer isn’t the only problem. Regardless of season, this industry produces so much death and harm, it is truly beyond redemption and reform. That’s why encouraging residents to reduce their meat intake is so important.

While the cows are the most obvious victims of this awful animal agriculture industry, they aren’t the only ones who suffer. Cargill, Tyson, and similar corporations also hurt workers, the environment, and our climate at large. These Big Ag firms are notoriously abusive to their workers, paying low wages and forcing employees to work long hours in abysmal conditions. On top of that, animal agriculture also contributes massively to climate change (which, ironically, includes extreme heat waves). By some estimates, it accounts for as much as a whopping 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and California are the states most responsible for cattle farming in the U.S. They must take the lead in encouraging residents and restaurants to reduce meat consumption, and set a good example. Sign the petition now to demand that legislators in these states create Meatless Monday programs to discourage meat intake!


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