12/12/12: Fabian is another SOS Pechina cat, now about 18 months old. He had been left there by his previous owner who no longer wanted him, and was actually only there a few weeks before a foster home came up in Germany for him. Fabian was previously chipped and I later discovered that his name was in fact Milu. He travelled to Germany on the transport at the weekend and is for now living with big Persian-mix Micky in his lovely home. Fabian/Milu has been re-names Filu by his foster Mum Ange and he has made himself completely at home, even sleeping in her hair at night! I have a feeling this lovely boy won’t be a foster cat for long. His fur was completely matted when he arrived at Pechina and a lot had to be cut off, but I am sure in a few months this gorgeous boy will be back to his very handsome best.

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