Factory farms could finally be held accountable

Please sign this Incredible New Bill Would Help Hold Factory Farms Accountable

It is no secret that factory farms are dangerous and toxic operations that profit off of animal suffering and poor labor practices. A new bill introduced by Senator Cory Booker could help actually hold factory farms accountable and reduce the suffering of millions of farm animals across the United States!

Sign now to demand the Senate pass this historic bill to hold factory farms accountable!

The Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act of 2022 would be a huge victory for animal rights activists and the farmed animals they have spent years advocating for. The bill would end line-speed increases, which are awful and dangerous for both animals and workers. It would also end self-inspection loopholes for animal slaughter and protect sick/injured animals that are kept suffering and alive for slaughter. Sign the petition now to tell the Senate: pass the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act of 2022 now!

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