Farewell BUT Not Goodbye Old Friend

Strange day today. Both sad and happy at the same time. Transferred ownership of the Movano Van today. After 10 years and just over 400,000 miles it is weird to have said farewell and although I have no doubts I will see “her” again (there is still the small matter of getting a EU Certification and Licence and 3 DEFRA Certifications here in the UK as part of our new partnership), not seeing it every day will take some getting used to.

OO09 PET certainly played it’s part in the transport of the 8322 cats and dogs I have transported to date, and covered just under half of the 814,255 I have clocked up to date.

I can not praise the van highly enough. It has been absolutely amazing, in no small part because of the exceptional service over the years from Arnold Clark in Hanley.

Now is the right time also to thank all those that drove with me over the years: Matthew, Mick, Lee, Alan, Jamie, Dioni, Dave & Debbie. Quite simply I could not have done it without you so THANKS.

So my friend, many many thanks not only from Sandra and I, but from the many cats and dogs that you transported and all the rescue and owners that you helped.

HUGE amount of fond memories & countries visited and I will try and capture them all at some stage, but by far the best was turning into our new home in the UK with Sands and the cats and dogs from Spain.

Enjoy your semi retirement, hopefully for many years to come!

For Posterity …..

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