Farley & Molly Kittens Photo Update

Farley & Molly were tiny babies when they came to us in September with their beautiful mother Britta. Now they have a great forever home together in Germany with a lovely lady in her brand new apartment. She fell for them when she saw my original photos of them at only a few weeks old and waited over 2 months for them to travel to Germany. She wasn’t disappointed and loves these little darlings completely!

Cute Farley & Molly

Cute Farley & Molly

3 thoughts on “Farley & Molly Kittens Photo Update

  1. Dawn

    I am so pleased to see photos of these two adorable kittens.
    They were so lovely to foster, playful but no demanding, fun
    but causing no damage to furnishings, well nbot as much as some
    previous foster kittens. I loved them to bits
    and was so sad to see them go. A little bit concerned about their
    new mummy’s ‘brand new apartment’, a descriptive which has been used several times about this lady’s home.

  2. HappyKerky

    I have googled Farley and Molly and I was a bit shocked to find photos of mine – well, but I remember, I had sent some to the Katzenherzen homepage.

    Don’t worry about my “new” apartment, I just got a new job and I had to move, but when the cats came it was already pretty comfortable, it was nearly christmas when I got them. I already have bought everything they needed, and they felt already home when they came to my house. Farley was a bit sick at that time, I had to visit the vet several times, but after a few weeks it got better (he had some worms – do they say that in English? I don’t know).

    They are 2 years old now, and I love them so much. They have never been ill after that incident.

    I have shot some videos of both of them, here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SilmePurpurdrache?blend=7&ob=5

    I have renamed them into Pan (Farley) and Lyra (Molly), so please don’t be too confused 🙂

    I just wanted to thank all people who rescued those cute lovely kittens, I just adore your work. Don’t hesitate to visit my homepage if you want to know more about Pan and Lyra.


    Kerstin from Germany, who adopted Farley and Molly

  3. Sands Post author

    Hello Kerstin,
    Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the great videos. It is always fantastic to hear news of our kittens and to see them all grown up. I will put an update on my blog so that everyone who knew them here can see how well and happy they are.

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