Felix A Confident Gentle Cat

19/06/11: Late last night I had an email from Martina that somebody was interested in Felix. This seems great news, but we must keep everything crossed as sometimes prospective adoptants ‘go away’! I’m hoping that they are close enough to visit Felix as to meet this cat is to love him, but if not then maybe this video will help them to see how truly special he is. It would be hard to find a more loving, affectionate, cool cat! Enjoy!

04/06/11: More news of beautiful Felix. His foster Mum is now wondering if he is starting to think he is a rabbit! Apparently he has been eating their food (now forbidden), drinking their water and using their toilet!!! Personally I think this VERY sociable chap is just trying to be one of the gang, and has been making friends with his other furry house buddies. Everybody is smiling about this!!!

31/05/11: Felix’s foster Mum is ‘totally in love with him’! How could she not be?

I wouldn’t actually be surprised to learn that the rabbits loved him too! but I have to confessed to being TOTALLY biased where Felix is concerned. As you can imagine our boy is VERY well. He will soon have his blood tested again to check that he IS definitely positive for FiV, but life is definitely on the up for this adorable cat.

23/05/11: Today Martina sent me this email about Felix in his foster home:

“Felix is absolutely fine ! came out of the box and was ” at home ” :o) here i am, what does the world cost ? Party
yesterday evening he met the 3 rabbits and got a bump from rabbit pumuckl….but felix is fine 🙂 glücklich. he knows now that the rabbit is the boss …..cool guy !!!”

Chris said he gave Felix a kiss from me when he got off the transport, and wished him a good life. There really is something about Felix. He IS cool, and relaxed and so, so loving. I think if I didn’t have a very strong dominant male cat, I may have been trying to persuade Chris that we needed a Felix to complete our family!!! I fell for him completely.

22/05/11: Felix is a special cat. I knew it from the first moment I met this big cuddle boy, and that is why he is now in Germany and not wandering around a campsite in Spain looking for food.

Felix is about 3 years old, and from the same campsite as Bernie and Mama cat, whom I have posted about recently. These 2 are healthy but when I met Felix, 5 other cats from this small colony had already tested positive as carriers of Leukaemia. I had decided that I couldn’t help any more of them, as I had no foster places for more FeLV cats, and Uwe (the German man who had been looking after them) had found someone to give them some food after he left.

I had told him not to bring any new cats to meet me at my vets, but I think Uwe also knew that Felix was a special cat, so he brought him anyway. Felix didn’t test positive for FeLV, but he DID test positive for FiV, feline imuno-deficiency. This is not as serious as FeLV, and only transmitted when infected cats bite another, but it still presented a problem as FiV cats shouldn’t really mix with healthy ones. I had agreed with Uwe that any more infected cats would have to go back to the campsite and take their chances, that was until I met Felix!

Felix is a complete darling. He is friendly to everyone and affectionate from the start. Not only does he love people but he is a relaxed, confident cat. He charmed me from the first, and I knew that if any cat belonged in a proper home with a family and not outside as a stray, it was Felix. Thankfully there was a room where he could live alone so I COULD help him, and then Jenny kindly agreed to put him in her conservatory for his last few days here.

I have re-homed lots of beautiful photogenic cats, but Felix, while certainly handsome, is beautiful because he is Felix.

He loves to be stroked, and pads happily away with his HUGE paws. He is happy to play and have tummy tickles and to be picked up and cuddled. He will climb on your lap, or lie beside you with his paws around your arm. He is not particularly demanding. He chats away when he wants attention but is happy to wait, AND he doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. Even when he is resisting being pushed him into a cat box, which is the one thing he hates, he keeps coming back for more, because he can’t resist being friendly!

He charmed us all effortlessly and we were worried that he wouldn’t be happy when he was transferred to the PAWs cattery to wait for a free place in Germany, but then his luck changed again.

A foster home was waiting for 2 of the FeLV cats from the campsite, but due to some hitches getting them to Almerimar for the transport on Friday, Felix got to travel all the way to Germany. I am sad that the FeLV cats missed this chance, but also very happy that Felix is now getting the love and attention he wants. We all loved him in his short time here because he was SO loving, and absolutely no trouble at all. He was even completely un-fazed by Jenny’s rather feral own cat, Sita, spitting at him through the window!

So Felix deservedly lucked out, and instead of a cattery pen, now has a lovely foster home. I also think his foster Mum has lucked out, as instead of 2 slightly nervous cats, she has Felix, a very special one!

Cats like Felix are definitely the ones we should be helping. On the transport were also 2 beautiful siam-mix kittens, but they had to be sedated to travel, and scratched Iain badly when he tried to box them. Of course they deserve a chance too, and with love and attention will hopefully learn to trust people and socialise more, AND I do understand the attraction for some people of more pure breed cats. But I would chose a Felix every time. I am so happy he will now be safe and loved. Thank you to Jayne and Jenny for their help, and to Uwe who fed him for months, and then ignored my instructions and brought Felix to me anyway!!!

Enjoy the photos. I have a lovely video to post next. I know that having met him I am biased, but surely it cannot be long before an adoptant falls for this beautiful cat?

Darling Felix

Darling Felix

Darling Felix

Darling Felix

Darling Felix

Darling Felix

Darling Felix

Darling Felix

4 thoughts on “Felix A Confident Gentle Cat

  1. Jenny

    Happy, HAPPY news! And we all feel that this beautiful boy will soon charm his way into someone’s heart. There is none more deserving than our Felix the cool, he’s really special!

  2. Chris

    Fingers and toes crossed, he was even happy all the way to Germany when I drove him, and was purring when I said bye to him!

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