Fewer than 340 of these whales exist in the wild now

North Atlantic Right Whales Are on the Brink of Extinction, and this Legislation May Be Our Last Shot to Save Them!

The beloved and majestic North Atlantic right whale is still on the brink of extinction, and time after time when legislation is proposed to protect it, U.S. Congress fails to act. But the whales cannot wait any longer — there are fewer than 340 whales remaining in the wild, and some recent birthing seasons have ended without a single newborn calf. 

Sign now to demand that the House and Senate pass this crucial legislation to protect North Atlantic right whales! 

The two leading causes of death among right whales are human-induced and thus, preventable: collisions with vessels and entanglement in fishing gear. If humans are the cause of such dramatic and devastating population decline, humans are responsible for acting and saving the whales that remain. We can save the North Atlantic right whale population if we act now! Sign the petition to put pressure on Congress to pass Cory Booker’s historic Right Whale Coexistence Act!

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