Five Signs Your Dog Is Lonely

Interesting article on the I Love Dogs site listing Five Signs Your Dog Is Lonely.

For the record the five signs they list are:

  • Destructive Behaviour
  • Excessive Barking or Howling
  • Accidents Inside The House
  • Reduced Appetite or Energy Level
  • Agression

A good list, but what drew my attention to it was that I suspect that many a new rescue dog (or indeed cat) may exhibit many of these signs when first introduced to their new home, so the new owners a) should be aware and keep an eye out and b) should have read in advance what they can do to help resolve the situation.

Their advice is here but please consider the crate training carefully as it can (and does work) and I know many a dog that loves their crates BUT a) in the early days they may associate with the transport they have just been on and b) in their past crates may have been used for long periods in rescues/foster and so may hold less than happy memories.

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