Fonsi The Character Cat

01/12/10: Fonsi has his forever home, with a family and some young children, who all immediately fell for his charms, after they initially agreed to foster him.

This is not a surprise as his original Spanish owner had told me how much this big cuddle boy loved all people and especially children. I am just a little sorry that I didn’t get a chance to know him better.

Fonsi only spent one night in Almerimar just after he had been taken from his home of 3 years, and was understandably frightened and unhappy, so Jenny and I didn’t exactly see him at his best. He then spent nearly 2 months being thoroughly spoilt by an English lady in her lovely apartment, before heading off to Germany on November 5th. She also fell in love with this beautiful cat, and if she lived here permanently would have definitely give him a home.
Now Fonsi is settled again, and looking very happy and playful in these latest photos. His first Mum, who asked me to re-home him, is very happy for him, and I am happy to have been able to help this lovely boy.

Fonsi In His New Home

Fonsi In His New Home

Fonsi In His New Home

Fonsi In His New Home

Fonsi In His New Home

05/09/10: Fonsi is not a stray or abandoned cat. He is from a loving Spanish home, and only needs a new one because his owner must move herself and cannot take him with her. She and Fonsi are both sad.

I first met him when I picked him up last Monday and for the first night he was very stressed. The latest news is that, after a quick visit to the vet for booster jabs and blood test, he has settled well into his foster home, and is getting plenty of cuddles.

Fonsi is a 3 year old castrated male, and is used to being an only cat in an apartment, but I am wondering if maybe he would like a cat girl friend. I have been told that he loves all people, including children, and he certainly seems a soft, sweet boy, if a little too fat! He is on a diet for a few weeks, but Martina tells me that cats in Germany are normally not slim, so nobody will mind his padding!

Fonsi has his passport and is ready to travel on the next transport to Germany. Let’s hope he finds his forever home soon, YES he is named after The Fonz!

Character Cat Fonsi

Character Cat Fonsi

Character Cat Fonsi


3 thoughts on “Fonsi The Character Cat

  1. Jenny

    That’s a lovely happy ending for beautiful Fonsi, so pleased to hear it

  2. Dee French

    glad to see that my foster cat is being well looked after, he is a very special cat and very loving, i am so happy he has settled into his new home. i fostered fonzi for a few months and grew very fond of him, well who i am kidding i fell head over heals with him, if i could have brought him back to england i would not have hesitated.
    give the big softy a big cuddle from me.

    good luck fonzi in your new home and thank you to the lovely people that have taken him under the wings, god bless you

  3. Sands Post author

    Yes it is great that he is so happy in his new home. His original Spanish owner has kept in touch and is very relieved and happy that everything has turned out so well. She told me that he loved all people and children, so his new home sounds just right for him.
    Thank you for the big part you played in helping him Dee.

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