Foster Home Needed

I am now definitely worried about Monster Mog. When he first appeared he had swagger, excess fat, and a rather smart pink collar, and we were not overly fond of him as he was chasing off our more gentle strays. Now he seems sad, is much thinner, has no collar, and appears to still have a slight limp from a nasty bite.

I saw him this afternoon for the first time in over a week, and he was very happy to be stroked and fed. i am going to check him for a chip next time I see him, but am certain now that he has been abandoned.

I hope to have a place for him on the April transport to Germany if we can find a foster home for a few weeks. I’m sure they will have no problem finding him a home as he is a very handsome, friendly fellow. SO if anyone can help please get in touch, AND for the record he now has a proper name of Caesar, since, certainly before he hit hards times, he was a king character among cats.

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  1. Chris

    Come back Dawn 🙂 We can foster Oscar longer until we know forsure if he is going to Germany or not, so hopefully someone can help with Caesar!

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