27/11/13: Time to meet a real character kitten. He is just gorgeous. Frederico is sporty, fun, cheeky, very affectionate, fearless and completely adorable. He loves all people, cats and his best play buddy is Pam’s old dog Rufus! who seems to love all cats and kittens as long as they are in his house! Freddo was found by an english couple on holiday near Malaga in the garden next to where they were staying. He was only a couple of weeks old so was lucky that they cared enough to help him and feed him. They then managed to contact me just before they were due to fly home, and little Freddo has been at Pam’s ever since. He is now ready for adoption in Germany but we are in no big rush to lose this little man. We all love him but know he needs a young family and cat friend to play with. Rufus is very patient and loving but we cannot imagine a fully grown Freddo hanging off his tail! Enjoy all his photos. He is a very special little kitten.

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