Freya the dog was skin and bones when she was thrown to her death

This Tiny Dog Was Hurled From the Window of a Speeding Truck. Justice for Freya!

On a road in Kent, England, a driver watched in confusion as an arm extended out of the driver’s window in front of them and tossed something out. At first, they thought it was a teddy bear. Until it moved. It was a dog, Freya. After she had been callously tossed at a terrifying 50mph from that truck, she ran onto a private property where she was thankfully discovered alive — but in terrible condition. It was clear she had undergone severe neglect even before she was almost killed. Freya was just skin and bones, and matted in her own feces.

It’s unclear why Freya’s almost-murderer tossed her from a moving truck, but any justification for this cruelty falls short — there is no excuse for doing this to a defenseless animal. Who knows if this person has access to more animals, more innocent lives that they could easily do the same thing to — or worse. Until this person is found, we have to keep pressure on local authorities so that no other animals suffer Freya’s fate! Sign the petition to implore the Kent Police to find the person who threw Freya from a moving car!

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