Fur trapping is brutally cruel and must end now

Before They Are Murdered for Their Skin and Fur, Trapped Animals Like Raccoons and Foxes Suffer Horrific Torture

As animal rights activists have long warned, wild animals trapped for their fur undergo extreme violence – from suffering for hours or even days in bone-crushing, steel jaw traps to being bludgeoned to death with baseball bats. For hundreds of years, people have brutally murdered innocent creatures in the name of fashion. Now, thanks to the fearless investigation from Born Free and the Human Society International, the public can see what fur trapping actually looks like. 

Sign now to demand that Congress ban all fur trapping in the United States!

The investigation footage depicts the brutal process of fur trapping: people beating raccoons to death with a baseball bat, stepping on animals with their full body weight, and throwing animals around in the bed of trucks before they are even dead. Even worse? There is video evidence of trappers gleefully enjoying their violence, even keeping the toe of a coyote as a souvenir. Footage also shows a dead cat among the victims, confirming that even non-targeted animals — our loving family pets — get caught and killed in this brutal process.   We must urge the U.S. Congress to ban all fur trapping now!

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