Fury over ‘atrocious’ dog treatment at shelter in Spain

Good to see another Spanish newspaper, this time the Olive Press highlighting the plight of rescue dogs here in Spain.

A spontaneous protest formed outside an animal shelter this weekend after horrific scenes of cruelty were broadcast by activists in Spain.
A petition has also been set up to demand action against those responsible for leaving hundreds of dogs in pitiful conditions at the shelter near Sevilla

They even carried a warning as to the graphic nature of the video (which you can see below)

Without wanting to distract from the highlighting of the issue I am a tad bemused how something that uses a video clip that was already on You Tube could be called an Exclusive, and given the protest, video and petition have been all over Facebook I think calling it an exclusive is a little exaggerated.

They didn’t include a link to the petition either, which you can sign here.

For more information, including the latest updates I suggest you head on over to Facebook and add Linda Edwards as a friend. Linda, like myself, is very firmly of the view that the shelter DOES NOT need to be closed. They need to be helped to improve as if they close they just put strain on the other shelters around them.

The last I read was that some of the volunteers who regularly take dogs out of the perrera are saying that the person who was interviewed on the TV last Monday, when the video was aired, was a dog catcher at the perrera and recently lost his job. They are even suggesting that he intentionally blocked the sewage pipes so that the intake pens would overflow with refuse and then he took the video. The entire situation is a farce and beggars belief.

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