17/02/13: Today some fantastic new photos of a very happy looking Garfield arrived from Germany. He is one of the first cats from Pechina that Kerstin and I re-homed, the first of many, all beautiful! See his new photos in the gallery below.
15/07/12: Already I have news of Garfield in his new home. Kerstin drove him there and took the arrival photos in the gallery below. She also sent me this news: “He came out of the box… he talked a lot as I drove to Nuremberg and I HAD to cuddle with him… if not, his Paw came out and took my arm to the box… he collect my money in the box next to him… his new Mum was amused about him and SHE GAVE ME a lot of Kisses to say thank you… she was not able to tell me a lot but she was happy… so now he is at home and the lady is happy .. I am sure that she will not have a quiet night, because Garfield will tell her the whole story… but she will love him…” I am sure she will love him. He is a real character, and definitely a people cat.

02/07/12: Handsome Garfield, now 2 is another Pechina cat, but for now he is still there, in a separate pen with the other cats that are traveling to Germany 14.07. He is a lovely tame, friendly boy, but as a big strong tomcat, appears to have been getting enough food! I will be collecting him from Pechina on Friday so that he can spend his last week with me. Garfield also has an adoptant waiting for him, so life is about to become so much better. I am very happy for him!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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