Georgia is #7 for most animal abuse cases

Georgia Has One of the Highest Rates of Animal Cruelty in the U.S.

A new FBI report ranked the state of Georgia at #7 in the United States for most animal abuse cases. This should come as no surprise, given that the state ranks at #40 for animal protection laws. 

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The better a state’s animal protection laws are, the less likely abuse is to occur. But right now, Georgia’s laws on animal welfare ignore many ways to interrupt cycles of violence and abuse.

So far, laws there do not prevent people who are convicted of animal cruelty from owning other animals in the future. Those convicted of animal abuse aren’t even required to give up the animals they already have!

So if you live in the state of Georgia and are convicted of animal abuse – no matter how heinous or gruesome – you are legally allowed to continue owning animals. No wonder the state has such high rates of animal cruelty!

Georgia lawmakers need to step up to protect the animals in their state. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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