RIP Georgina

05/03/13: Today I have had the worst news from Germany. Georgina has had to be put to sleep, after only about 8 weeks in her new home. Her family had decided they were going to adopt her but in the last week she became very sick. FIP was diagnosed in the clinic and the vets had no choice, because there is no treatment for this horrible mutation of the Corona virus. Georgina was a lovely, gentle cat and did not deserve this. I am sorry she will not have the life we planned for her. The lady that rescued her wrote this to me: “She was an elegant, wise, sweet, kind, intelligent, patient, beautiful cat. I am very sad. We fought together to recuperate because she was so thin and pregnant. She had kids when she was still very thin and sadly they died. When at last she was healthy and had more confidence we sent her to a lovely home where she would be very happy. I actually feel awful. Gerogina was a unique cat. She was my little Grace Kelly.” RIP beautiful girl, and thank you from all the little kittens that you looked after at the rescue home.

15/01/13: Georgina is now in her ‘trial’ home in Germany, but as she is completely relaxed and, amazingly, has been happily sleeping on the bed with her new Mum AND the friendly dog, I have a feeling the adoption contract will soon be signed!

130114Georgina1 copy

03/01/13: Georgina is a beautiful angora-mix lady currently living in a private rescue home in Almeria. She was found in the street by the lovely Spanish lady who runs it and has now been there about 3 months. She did have a foster home in Germany ready for an earlier transport but this lovely lady had adopted some kittens and so we decided to let her mother them a little longer. She now has another foster home waiting for her and will be off to Germany on the next transport 12.01. I wish this gentle cat a happy life and I hope that she is settled in a forever home soon. She is a little nervous of new people and would not speak to me when she came here for a photo shoot, but she was happy to have cuddles from her foster Mum, and I am sure with a little more human time, Georgina will become a very sweet affectionate cat.

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