Gisela’s Cake

Gisela’s Lovely Cake

Every year Gisela at the cat rescue told me she makes a special cake for the New Year.

This goes to the person or people who have helped her and her cats the most over the last year. This year she baked the cake for me and all of us in Almerimar who have been there for her when she was in hospital and throughout 2008. It was a lovely cake and an even lovelier gesture.

Pam and Mary Cutting the Cake

The First Slice

So from Gisela thank you to Pam, Mary, Jean & George, Dawn & Nick, Tracy & Kev, Britta, Maria, Roya, Jenny and Me! and our husbands who put up with all the cat stuff! And apologies to anyone who wasn’t around to get their piece.

7 thoughts on “Gisela’s Cake

  1. Ian Jones

    These cakes look fantastic; I have to agree with Chris’ comment. I think it’s great to see that people still take the time and effort to bake by hand even though the technology is available to do it by machine. I always find that home baked goods taste noticeably better than their shop bought counterparts or ready made mixes. Baking is a fantastic skill to have; not only does it provide great food as an end product, it is an enjoyable and relaxing pass time. Unfortunately, it seems that fewer and fewer people continue to make their own baked goods today, something that I feel is a great shame. I strongly feel that it’s an art that should not be allowed to die out; young people should be encouraged to take it up to ensure that this does not happen.

  2. Brett

    Everyone loves your web site! Do you have a fb or twitter page? I’d love to get together and speak about a pair of things. Thanks for all your work.

  3. coop plans

    Wow, the cake looks delicious and mouthwatering. Great blog. What a nice gesture for someone who helped us to show graditude and appreciation.

  4. Jake Green

    Wow, I could eat the first photo… not the cake, the photo of the cake. It looks THAT good! Isn’t it amazing how we live in a world in which a slice of cake can spark a friendship, diffuse a battle and bring a notion of peace? Gotta love the wonder that is cake!

  5. Taylor

    There’s no such thing as too much chocolate me my books.

    The more chocolate layers the better…This Gisela person is a true baking artist

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