Glue traps are cruel and should be illegal

Glue Traps Slowly Murder Animals As They Starve or Suffocate. Ban Them Now!

Glue traps are a popular way to stop mice and other animals from visiting humans’ homes. But they’re also incredibly cruel and cause slow, terrible deaths for small animals.

That’s why the UK government chose to ban glue traps for mice and rats last year. Now the U.S. government must ban glue traps, too!

The flat, sticky boards are covered in a glue so strong, it holds fast against animals’ skin and fur the moment, preventing them from escaping.

Desperate and frightened, the animals can’t move. Instead, they’re forced to just lie there, enduring agony until they die, usually by slowly suffocating or starving to death.

There are so many other, more humane ways to handle unwanted visitors – including deterrence. There’s no reason to subject sentient creatures to this type of torment.

Sign the petition now to tell the U.S. Congress: follow the UK’s lead! Ban glue traps now!

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