Gorgeous Georgina

Gorgeous Georgina

It is great to see these pictures of Georgina looking SO happy up in her new home in Germany. Poor Georgina got stuck living in the bathroom at the cat rescue home as she couldn’t cope with all the other 50 + cats who were there until recently. Now she looks really chilled out and relaxed … it is lovely to see.

Looking Very Relaxed & Happy

Looking Very Relaxed & Happy

Martina and the other girls in Germany are doing a great job for our cats and have sent me these emails along with the pictures.

“Look at his cat ! this lucky cat is Georgina yesterday evening, after 30h trip to Germany !!! this is Georgina who was sitting in the bathroom in spain for so long…who was so shy…i’m so happy for her!”

“Her foster parent ilona wrote to me, that georgina is so happy, funny and lucky…she wants to be touched all the time and is running always around ilona…makeing rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….every time, somebody is near ! she is SO happy…i could not believe when i saw the pics…that this is the the same cat ! :o) ”

Isn’t that great? another happy ending!


4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Georgina

  1. Chris

    Purr fect 🙂

    With love, warmth, food and attention cats are so happy and give so much back in return!!!!!

    These are great pictures, especially the top one

  2. Sue

    She certainly looks like she’s happily settled in! Well done 🙂

  3. Jenny

    What wonderful fotos and emails……honestly brings tears to your eyes! Thank God she’s no longer stuck in the bathroom! She does look SO contented now. Sands is really must be very gratifying indeed to see all your efforts rewarded thus….

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