Got Them!

Pretty Little Female

More success today, as we caught 2 more of our semi-feral cats on the rocks, and have taken them up to Jos’s vet Miguel for sterilisation.

This female is rather beautiful and not too wild, so later we may consider trying to re-home her in Germany, but for now she will spend 3 nights with Gisela at the cat rescue, and then be freed back onto the rocks on Monday, along with the black and white male pictured below.

Beautiful Big Boy

He is actually a lovely pretty tame male, and the brother of one of the girls we sterilised last week. Both these cats will get a tiny clip in their ears to show that they have been sterilised, and should be none the worse for their little ordeals.

Things are now getting very organised for Almerimar Strays. Miguel works for Jos at the dog rescue and they have now decided that Friday will be the day to help out with cats. This is good for us as it gives us a focus each week, and certainly for me helps to keep my work with the strays to set days.

Jenny helped us last week by taking the 2 females in for a couple of days after their operations, but Gisela does seem to be a good alternative. Our plan is to collect them on Monday and at the same time give her a hand up at her cat rescue for a couple of hours.

This is all great news and things are moving in the right direction. Our one hiccup was failing to catch Mimi cat this morning which was our plan. She is much more feral, despite having been fed by us from a tiny kitten, and I have the bite marks to prove it! I got hold of her but not high enough up her neck and she turned her head around and bit my wrist! Hopefull we will get another go for next Friday, when I will have my lower arm well strapped for protection. Big gloves don’t really help as it is then too diffcult to get a grip on the cat, and Mimi is small so not a lot to hold onto.

Anyway we’ll get her eventually, and for now we are happy that we will have sterilised most of the cats on the rocks. Two of the other young females have disappeared in the last couple of weeks, and we think maybe people from the camper vans may have taken them, hopefully to give them homes as they were quite tame.

We only have left 2 rather large males to sort out, one definitely stray, and our beautiful and rather fat ginger friend Chivers ,who is definitely on the list for a snip. He may have an owner, but now that we have a chip reader my view is that if he doesn’t have one, he is fair game as Pam would put it ‘to lose his bits!’ i think pet owners have a responsibility to ensure that their animals aren’t adding to the stray population.

Anyway another good day. We are making real progress.


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