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We have been using a couple of GPS Pet Tracker devices with Teo & Tigra for a while now, and am more than happy to recommend them to anybody with an interest (or need) in tracking their pets (Dogs and Large Cats) movement.

At £58 they are good value, not least for their peace of mind, and with £5 from every purchase now donated to the ALStrays welfare, re-homing and transport projects they provide a great means of enhancing the safety of your own pet, and helping rescue cats and dogs find a new owner to love them as much as you love yours!

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Why We Use Them

Peace of mind. We walk our dogs daily on the beach and nature reserve and they are very rarely out of site but ‘dogs will be dogs’ and from time to time they decide to do a little extra exploring (or in Teo’s case once to head home having decided he really didn’t want a walk!)

The GPS Pet Tracker allows you to monitor the location of the dog(s) while walking them, and/or for someone at home to monitor them via the internet.

While nobody wants to lose their dog, the ability to conduct your very own search and rescue mission in real time is surely – to borrow a well know phrase – priceless!

There are full details below but in my experience they have proved very reliable. They are pretty easy to set up (just make sure you read the instructions fully) and they are robust (again, make sure the collar is a snug fit as I found that excessive movement did turn Teo’s tracker off a couple of times initially, but this is an anti-vibration feature if being used in a car so easy to resolve with a snug fitting collar).

They are lightweight, robust, have survived the sea and a regular dip in the lake and the battery has never remotely got low in a typical weeks (i.e. daily) use.

Personally I would have thought that anybody adopting a rescue dog from Spain (or elsewhere obviously) that has any concerns about their dog been a ‘flight risk’ these GPS Pet Trackers are a ‘no-brainer’.

To be honest I would have thought that everybody would want one as a form of ‘insurance’. Insurance that you hope never to need, but that you can have fun using every day: share your walks in real time with friends and family, keep track of your pets walk when being walked by a dog walker etc

Teo & Tigra Have No Issue With Wearing Them

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