Great News For Freddy

Fabulous Freddy

Fantastic news days for fabulous Freddy. i heard a couple of hours ago that he has a home waiting for him in Germany, and that this is NOT a foster home but a permanent family. He will therefore also travel to Germany on December 12th.

This is great news for me and a relief, because it means that all of our Almerimar cats will be safely out of the rescue home and on their way to new lives. I will still try and help with the remaining cats there that need to find homes, but as well as caring about the Almerimar cats, I felt a responsibility to them as WE took them to the rescue home, which is now likely to close.

Freddy is another cat that was rescued and sponsored by Jean and George, and although I didn’t know him at first, I’ve become very fond of him over the past few weeks. He is a big strong tomcat and has stayed well at the Casa, but he is also very loving and like most of them in need of more affection.

Recently he has decided that he likes me too, and this afternoon was all around my legs wanting to be stroked. I’m SO pleased for him that he will be getting more loving soon. He is a gorgeous boy!

Gorgeous Boy

Gorgeous Boy

5 thoughts on “Great News For Freddy

  1. Chris

    He looks like a very handsome cat!!! Yet more good news …… you guys are certainly on a winning streak!!!!


  2. Mary

    Great news. I thought all the boxes where accounted for so is he sharing on the trip over?

  3. Sands Post author

    The solution is that Kiri kitten gets to fly to Munich with Roya on the 17th Iberia permitting.

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