Greetings From Bonny! and Felix!

Lovely news from Germany about Bonny and Felix. It’s always great to hear that our little buddies are happy in their news homes and all is well.

hi sandra, today i visited bonny and made the contract for her, her foster home keeps her :o) she is so cute, is much bigger now and is in love with male cat blacky ! her new parents are so lovely too, ….ich was there for 4 hours talking…. and they gave some extra money for our cats…:o)

and greetings from felix too ! his daddy called me a few minutes ago…felix is neutered now and he is very well after that…so if the weather becomes better: he can go outside ! last week he escaped..but his cat friend püppy followed him and showed him the way back home :o) all the new parents are totally happy with them and they are all good friends with the cats that lived in the new homes before :o)

Great news!!!


2 thoughts on “Greetings From Bonny! and Felix!

  1. Jenny

    Oh thanks Martina for wonderful news about Bonny and Felix. I always knew Bonny would find a great new home as she is a total charmer!! A really sweet cat. And little Felix – he sounds happy too and will love it when he can go outside! It is so good to hear that these cats end up with the prospect of a happy future with kind and loving owners.

  2. Chris

    Hellop Felix and Bonny, enjoy your new lives, sounds like you deserver it!!!

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