Greetings From Smokey Girl


One Happy Girl

It was great to get this new photo of a very happySmokey Girl .

She was so nearly my second cat as I have written before. Chris and I first saw her in our street as a kitten not long after we adopted Mori, but we thought she belonged to a Spanish couple. We finally rescued her as a 2 year old when we again found her in the street, this time with some kittens in tow.

After some months delayed at the cat rescue, because of the problems last summer, she was finally re-homed in Germany in December, where her new parents had some initial problems with her. Smokey Girl is actually quite a nervous cat as we discovered when we first took her to the cat rescue, and takes time to adjust to new people, so she wasn’t exactly friendly or grateful from day one. Her new parents in Germany however stuck with her (including her biting them), and grew to love her.

Now all is well, she no longer bites at all, and we have one very happy and loved cat. Good for her and the kind people who have given her a forever home!!!

2 thoughts on “Greetings From Smokey Girl

  1. Chris

    wow she looks great. She was a very thin friendly little thing when we last saw her, has certainly landed on her paws!!!

  2. Gabriella

    Sorry guys, Not sure if this goes with the content context but I have a cat which is about to give birth and I have no idea.. Can anybody help or guide me please?

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