Guide Dogs e-scooter event

Have you seen e-scooters in the news recently? They’re almost silent and research shows they are increasingly being used and parked on pavements, causing more and more problems for people with sight loss.

Next week we are hosting our first ever Parliamentary event about e-scooters so that MPs can hear directly from people with sight loss about the impact they have on them.

Invite your MP

There’s still time to invite your MP to attend and hear from guide dog owners like Samantha, who told us: 

“Getting out is more difficult partly because e-scooters don’t make any noise and I can’t see them very well. I’m often forced into the road, which is frustrating, stressful and unnecessarily dangerous. 
I’ll be speaking to MPs at the online e-scooter event next week, so they can hear about my experiences and make sure that the needs of people with sight loss are considered when new laws around e-scooters are created.”

Invite your MP

We want as many MPs as possible to hear about the impact of e-scooters and make sure that they are safe for pedestrians, especially those with sight loss.

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