Handsome Sergio & Mew

01/11/13: Sergio did come out of hiding after just a couple of days, and is now happy to be stroked by his new family. All is just fine, and in case you haven’t found his really lovely friend Mew, I am adding his photo to this post. Happy new life you beautiful boys!
27/10/13: Sergio’s luck did change several times. About 2 months ago we thought he had his forever home and then his new family had a big flood in their house and had to cancel the adoption. Then he went missing from the pen for a couple of weeks while he was treated for a cold. Then finally things started to work out. Susanne found him another lovely family, and even better, they asked for a friend for him. Mew my first choice was accepted, and both cats traveled to a better life on Saturday’s transport. I had the pleasure of looking after the boys for their last 2 weeks here in Spain, and as soon as Sergio came out of Pechina this rather nervous boy started to relax. Within 2 days he was coming to greet me, and the lovely thing to see was what a good friend Mew was. Mew is such a friendly confident cat. He loves all cats and people and was actually quite relaxed at Pechina. This has continued in Germany. Mew is busy charming his new family while Sergio hides in his ‘safe’ place. I am sure all will be fine in a couple of days, and their new parents are very happy with these 2 handsome boys.
31/08/13: This very handsome boy has been in Pechina for about 3 months now, and I’m really hoping that he will be off to a new life in Germany in September. He is about 2 years old, and although fairly healthy now has struggled a bit there. He has not been happy surrounded by so many cats, but does now seem to be slowly relaxing. We were able to pick him up and give him a little cuddle this week, and he is now chipped and passported and definitely reserved for my re-homing project. We have been debating whether he has some Persian blood in there, but we are all agreed how gorgeous he is!

Mew At Pechina
Mew At Pechina

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