Happy 1st Birthday Oscar


Big Grown-up Oscar

Today Oscar, our lovely ‘baby cat’ is one and therefore no longer really a kitten.

He has grown up into the sweetest, happiest, most gentle of cats. He loves to play with anyone, but particularly Mori, and always seems to have a smile on his face and his tail in the air, OR be fast asleep!!!

These first photos I took recently of our ‘grown-up’ boy.


Big Grown-up Oscar


Big Grown-up Oscar

BUT just in case you thought baby Oscar had completely disappeared, I also took these rather cheekier photos in the last few weeks!


Still Cute Oscar


Still Cute Oscar

These are a little older, but show what a beautiful, strong, healthy cat Oscar has grown into.


Beautiful Boy


Beautiful Boy


Beautiful Boy


Beautiful Boy

Oscar does love people now too, and has worked out exactly what we are there for, AND he is also quite fond of our stroppy female cat Saidi, BUT Mori, our big boy cat, remains his best mate. Oscar still tries to cuddle up sometimes, and loves to lick and be licked by Mori, AND have great play fights. Mori was a brilliant big brother when Oscar was tiny and they loved each other from the start.


With Best Mate Mori


With Best Mate Mori

AND finally here is one of my favourite pictures of the little chap at 3 months that we all fell in love with. We were only supposed to be fostering him for a week or so, but it was obvious almost from day one that he was with us to stay.


Baby Oscar

Thank you again to Dawn and Nick for taking a walk at just the right time to find this little chap for us. We all (even Saidi) love him!

AND Happy Birthday Oscar xxx

3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Oscar

  1. Martina Schmidt

    happy birthday oscar !!!! you have had great luck to find such a good mum :o))

  2. Kerstin Jurgens

    Hola… Congratulations…!!!! They are star-photos… ;o))))

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