Happy Birthday Fleur

Today our beautiful little princess is 5 years old, and she remains a real little character. She is probably the most nervous of our cats, but she is also playful, loves to be stroked on her terms, adores big Mori, is friends with our other boy cats, tolerates Mummy cat Saidi, and has SLOWLY come to terms with the galgos in the house. Visitors will probably not see her pretty little face for some days, but it is worth the wait.

I am so pleased that I got the phone call to rescue her from a garden 5 years ago this summer, because little Fleur at about 10 weeks had a badly broken leg. She was actually the start of a closer relationship with our vet Miguel, and the reason for our first visit to his private practice. He operated to save her leg, and we then spent several weeks keeping this feisty little girl cat amused on our knees so that the pin did not move while her bone mended. Since then her life has been sweet. She can be found all over our home, enjoying the beds and cat trees, and doing her afternoon exercise sessions with the dangling toys, and she is always one of the first up on the roof in the morning to bird watch and fight the boys! Today she will have special chicken treats and lots of kisses, and I think lots of time relaxing in the sun. Happy Birthday sweetie. We love you!


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