Happy Birthday Kasper

Handsome Kasper is four (4) years old today. He is our only ‘non Almerimar’ cat having been found 200+km away in Murcia, tied to a post outside a market!

He is certainly a cat full of character, and the only one that has been able to escape the reinforced fence on the roof, mainly because he is so light!

A regime of extra kitten biscuits and enhanced security (we now have four webcams) seem to have curtailed his adventures for the moment.

He is not a fan of prawns, but likes his Tuna, Mousse, Dried Chicken Treats and White Fish so he wont go without on this special day.

When we got him it was a short term foster, but he bonded so quickly with Dusky that we keep him, and they remain best friends to this day.

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