Happy Birthday Mori

Isn’t He Beautiful?

Mori (Moreno) is our first cat, and the start of my love affair with these beautiful animals. We rescued him from the end of our road at about 7 months and today he is ‘officially’ 3 years old and still absolutely gorgeous AND as friends and family will agree, a BIG character with LOTS of attitude.

He is also the sweetest and most sociable with other cats and tried very hard to make friends with Saidi our female cat when she arrived a year later. Saidi however is a real Mummy cat and mainly likes to dispense discipline! Now Mori has a new little friend in Oscar as an early birthday present this year. AND of course there will be plenty of prawns.

Just Gorgeous! I Love Black Cats

Mori At About 7 Months

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mori

  1. Chris

    Don’t forget that he was brilliant with little Orla as well, bless her 🙁

    Anyway he is having a great day so far ….. lots of prawns, playing on the roof, along the corridor and fighting with Oscar!

  2. Pam Roberts

    He certainly has plenty of ‘attitude’ especially towards me – the original hand which fed him!! Thank goodness he is past the ‘terrible two’s’.

  3. Jenny

    Happy Birthday Mori! You are the most handsome black cat I have ever seen!! And it must be true that black cats are lucky, you certainly are!

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