Happy In Germany

Happy Eddy

Update 20/12: Great news! Eddy gets to stay in his foster home for good, as they love him! I’m also rather impressed by Eddy’s cosy bed in the latest picture from Germany, particularly as it has a Royal Canin logo. Royal Canin to me is the best cat food and what I feed our 2. Looks like Eddy has scooped a very comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

A New Home For Life

13/12: I’m so impressed with the German organisation that is finding homes for so many of our stray cats from Almerimar and from the cat rescue home. I have posted recently about Olli and Lilli, but I’ve also now received photos of another of our Almerimar cats, rescued by Jean and George, who will be staying with his foster parents in Germany permanently bacause they have fallen for him!

I have a feeling that quite of lot of the ‘foster’ homes are actually trial homes as Tinkerbell (now Lilli) also got to stay.

Happy Eddy

The next 2 pictures are of more happy cats that are in their new homes in Germany from the last shipment. I didn’t know Mimmy or Marina very well, but met them both up at the Casa, and beautiful Jassa (who we all did know well and love) is to join Mimmy on Tuesday, as they were good friends.

Happy Mummy Now Mimmy Cat

Happy Marina

I’m looking forward to more pictures soon of the cats that we sent on their way yesterday. They have all arrived safely as you will see from the comments on my previous post.

All good news.


3 thoughts on “Happy In Germany

  1. Chris

    They certainly seem very organised (but that isn’t a surprise really). They seem very very committed and good at communication which is certainly encouraging for the future!

  2. Mary

    Yes, Eddie certainly looks to be a very lucky and happy cat. I like his upside down sleeping arrangement. Maybe he started his Christmas celebrations a little early! His fur is certainly looking good so whatever he is being fed, it is doing him good.

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