Happy Julio Cat

27/12/10: I last heard from Julio in August, when he first sent greetings from his new home!

Julio was a beautiful, young, abandoned cat, bullied by the ferals outside, until he was rescued by PAWs in Mojacar. Once with foster Mum Erika, he grew in confidence and is now living in a lovely home, with a garden, in Germany, with his new best friend Elvis! All is absolutely fine!

Everybody loves him, and he loves all ! even the kids from the kids of his owners….first he was afraid, but his parents tried it slowly again and again if the family was together and now he loves them too ! after lunch all sleep in one bed and it´s so cute, how carefull the 20 month old girl treats him…and how big they eyes become of the 2 month old baby boy if he see´s the cats…and all are happy about that because they want the kids to learn from the beginning that animals have to be treated with love ands respect !
Julio also loves his cat friend elvis very much !!! all are totaly happy together…so am i !

Julio & Elvis

Beautiful Julio

Julio & Mum

Julio & Mum

21/08/10:Amazingly I still get asked if the stray cats I send to Germany are REALLY going to great homes. It seems that certain people just can’t understand why these lovely people want our Spanish street cats.

Firstly as a cat lover myself, I can totally understand why anyone would want to help them, and secondly our Spanish cats are beautiful and quite special. Most of them are thinner and more feline than the cats I used to meet in England, and street cats often have so much more character, and so much more to say than cosseted pedigrees!

Julio has found himself in a fantastic forever home with his new best mate Elvis. He is one lucky boy, but quite honestly who wouldn’t want Julio? He is the most gorgeous boy and loved by all who met him.

I have complete trust in the girls I work with in Germany and in the adoptants they find for out cats, and Julio sends greetings and is saying to all those doubters out there “Look at Me! Life is Good! I am happy, happy, happy!!!”

Beautiful Boy Julio

Julio & Elvis

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